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                                 HOW IT WORKS

1/  Contact me with details of who and where you are and your preschool or school facility.

2/  Once we organise details of the visit together, you will receive an author visit pack, including visit program confirming details of visit and book pre-order forms.

3/  We finalise and confirm details a short time prior to my visit.

4/  I visit and we all have a great time!

I deliver book orders on my visit.



I am flexible and can easily change and alter my program according to the needs of the group.
I read, tell stories, sing songs, dance, bring out the authors in the children by creating stories with them, teach drawing and do craft!


Each visit runs for 60 minutes.

The program for each visit will depend on the size and the average age of the group.

Here are Visit Programs you can choose from:

                 Creating a Story

                 Illustrator Visit

                 Recreate a Fairytale




About my books.

About me.

My Working with Children number is WWC0732025E and my liability cover is with Duck for Cover.

Liven up your classroom with books and stories, songs and art!

Book your visit now!




Feedback from Facebook post in response to an Author visit in May 2017

Today we had a special visitor attend our centre. Anne Helen Donnelly is a lovely Author who came to read her new children’s book “Ori the Octopus” to the children…

Anne, kept the children’s attention by getting them involved! The children were encouraged to do hand actions…

She also engaged the children with music and dancing!  Thank you so much Anne!

Thank you Anne. The children had a blast!!

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